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we are the same blood all of us we are

fuck you koala boy.

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Firstly, my name was created by my friend and I take none of the shame that goes with it.


Putting the fun into dysfunctional

I overreact on speedbumps. I lurk outside cockpit. I eat onion rings at 11pm. I sound like a man when i say "techno techno!". I laugh at the greenwoods posters. I get my head stuck inbetween seats. I forget what I'm saying half way through saying it. I send random texts saying cobras have been sighted. I like fall out boy, I do not think pete wentz is jesus come again (IGNORE THE USERNAME) Cacti that don't speak english amuse me greatly.

Butch Walker is the answer to all of life's problems.

the sort of girl you'd watch and think "what the fuck...?"

the sort of girl you'd get to know and think "what the fuck...?"

"Oh shit. My hand says Cobralic..."

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